Baby Activity Classes

Our GymbaROO classes have a distinct routine – which is important for child development.

Each term is planned over a period (usually 10 weeks) similar to school terms. We a have term theme and a weekly topic which relates to that theme.

All classes include Mat Time, Equipment Time and Music Time and they all enjoy the “SPECIAL” Treasure Bag with the excitement of what will be in the Treasure Bag today. This is wonderful part of the lesson enjoyed by all the children whatever their age.

The structure of these components of the lessons alter depending on the age group of the children.

Baby Classes – Non Mobile and Crawling Babies

In our 45 minute classes you and your baby are provided with an opportunity to experience each developmental stage. Classes are separated into non mobile – not yet moving and mobile – rolling/commando crawling and creeping.

Classes include massage, visual (eye tracking) and auditory activities, movement, gentle exercises, music/rhythm and lots and lots of ideas for tummy time – this does not have to be on the floor. These classes are about parent education and information, helping parents find out all they can about their child’s development as well as meeting parents with children of the same age.

Toddler Classes

These classes cover various areas of development – gross motor (e.g jumping) and fine motor (e.g balls skills). The sessions offer a routine for your child and some challenges as well throughout the term. A 45min class includes:

Mat Time

During mat time all children come together as a group and sing, learn hand plays, exercise, experience massage, music and dance. This is also time for small equipment activities such as bean bags, balls, hoops and ropes. We have a special treasure bag time which reinforces the theme for the term. This is a special time loved by the children and is important for language, social interaction, tactile experiences, imagination, and reinforces the word for the week which is quickly flashed to your child. This stimulates memory and pre-reading skills. Being fully involved with the activities of your child is beneficial for all children and enhances love, security, joy and learning.

Equipment Time

We have a whole room full of equipment which has been specifically made for children. They can practise their coordination skills eg. Climbing, balancing, jumping, tumbling, swinging etc. Younger children will use this time for valuable exploration. They will be experimenting with their bodies and learning about special awareness, body awareness and their own capabilities. Older children will enjoy the challenge of following the circuit and practising new movements and exercises. Teachers are always nearby to teach new skills. The equipment circuit is changed weekly to introduce new challenges and is adjusted between classes to suit that particular age group.

Music Time

The session is concluded with music and parachute time. Each week we have a musical instrument to play, Making music can enhance learning in other areas of your child’s development and assist in language, literature, numeracy, exploring the environment, drama and craft. Then the large colourful parachute comes out for the children to lie under or play games with. This always means lots of fun and happy faces as we finish off the session with finger plays and a Goodbye Song. Before we go home everyone receives this weeks word and picture for their GymbaROO scrapbook and a big smile for a job well done.

Preschooler Classes

These 1 hour classes encourage independent interaction with teachers and peers. Following instructions, taking turns, listening and participating in a group. Cooperative games and advanced coordination skills extend this age group. Word recognition is incorporated into the fun of GymbaROO. Equipment time is first on the agenda with the circuit specially designed to further develop the sensory motor skills in order to get the brain ready for learning at school. Then comes mat time and music time, the focus here is on activities which promote thinking and moving at the same time to ensure that the physical skills are pushed into the automatic part of the brain leaving the children free to think and process while they are doing the activity.

School Readiness Classes

This program is aimed at children who are ready to participate in classes independently, learn and cooperate with other children in the group. Parents participate in the first 15 minutes of the class then the child participated independently to encourage confidence and self esteem. Mat time activities to strengthen pre reading and maths, as well as hand eye coordination are given to the children. They are asked to take turns, share equipment, respond to the teacher and follow 3 step directions. The GymbaROO “Jump into Reading” Program is incorporated into the these classes.