GymbaROO in your Pre-School

There is a direct relationship between activities and the stimulation children receive when they are babies and very young children and their ability to do well at school. This is supported and borne out by extensive research. It has been shown that children’s neuro physiological development is vital for their ability to read and learn, and GymbaROO provides a fun filled platform to gain greater knowledge of what this entails in order to maximise a child’s development.

GymbaROO has a preschool program that will offer the opportunity to gain the valuable motor skills needed for later learning.   This program comes into your preschool once a week giving the children of your school the chance to particpate in our extensively researched motor program and will teach your teachers how to implement the motor program into the schools daily activities, giving all children in your school an opportunity to improve their motor skills and therefore learning ability.

The GymbaROO Preschool Program has had documented success in Canberra and Maitland.

For more information on the program see below and contact Kaylene Birt 0425 378 252.

GymbaROO Sensorimotor Programs Media Kit