Orientation/Information Days

Orientation Days will be held at the beginning of each Term.

Orientation Days will be held in the last week of holidays keep an eye out on the facebook page for dates.

This is a Special event for NEW MEMBERS ONLY

The GymbaROO Orientation/Information Seminars are for all New Families and will provide an overview of the GymbaROO program including what to expect and how to get the most out of every class as well as, an opportunity to meet the teachers who will be actively involved in your child’s developmental journey.

Children will also be given the opportunity to experience a taster of the GymbaROO experience. Participation in the session will help parents and children feel more comfortable in a new yet very exciting learning environment!

GYMBAROO – Achieving fantastic outcomes whilst making learning fun!

So you don’t miss this opportunity Enrol today at https://www.gymbaroosydneywest.com/timetable/ .  Invitations will be sent upon enrolment.