Policies & Procedures

Fee Refund/Deferment Policy

Fee Refunds:

GYMBAROO – SYDNEYWEST does not offer refund for fees paid. Upon paying fees for a term or 3 week trial you have considered and committed to the GymbaROO program.

In extenuating circumstances an application for a refund may be applied for in writing with justifying evidence supplied ie. Doctor’s Certificate.

In all refunds there will be an Administration Fee of $50.

Refunds are calculated from the date the centre is informed in writing of your intention to cancel less the admin fee. If you the application is received the same day as your scheduled class that session is not included in the refund.

When re-enrolling after a refund, fees will be charged at the current rate (Loyalty Card will be cancelled upon refund).

No refunds will be given for classes missed. Please refer to our Class Make Up Policy.

Fees are non transferable to another child or family.

Fee Deferments:

An application for a deferment of fees may be applied for. If the Deferment Application Form is not received within 14 days of date sent your application will be cancelled. You have 3 terms following the deferred term to reactivate your fees, then fees will be forfeited. When fees are deferred, upon return to GymbaROO the current fee rate applies and you will be required to pay the difference between the rate you were on and the current rate if any. A new fee rate and loyalty card will be issued.

Make Up Lesson Policy

In the event you have missed a scheduled class a make up class may be available.  Please note the following:

  1. Booking in your make up class is essential.  Please do not just turn up to a class expecting to attend.  We may have to turn you and your child away.  Book Online https://www.gymbaroosydneywest.com/timetable/ : email info@gymbaroosydneywest.com : Message 0425 378 251 / 0425 378 252;
  2. Make up classes must be taken in the same term and if on a 3 week trial must be taken within the 3 weeks trial period;
  3. Make up classes are subject to availability
  4. A booked make up class counts even if you do not attend – unless you have given at least 24 hours notice.


Missed classes may be made up on another day during the current term at Penrith or you may wish to do your make up class at either Wetherill Park or Liverpool.  Classes can not be carried over to the next term.  Please advise staff on which day you wish to do your make up to confirm availability.

Liverpool and Wetherill Park

Missed classes may be made up on the alternate day or at our Penrith, Wetherill Park or Liverpool Centre’s during the current term.  You may carry 1 class over to the next term – if you do not continue enrolment into the next term the make up lesson is forteited.  Please advise staff which of the above you wish to do in the event of an absence.

Child Safety Policy and Code of Conduct

All Centres

Please see attached documents outlining the GymbaROO/KindyROO Child Safety Policy and Code of Conduct.  These policies are to ensure the safety of all and allows all participants to get the most out of the GymbaROO program.

TKG Child safety CODE OF CONDUCT (1)

2016 10 TKG Child Safety Policy (1)


GymbaROO H.O Policy is for NO siblings in classes.  We understand that this is often not possible.  So please remember that it is a privilege for your other child to accompany you to their sibling’s Gymbaroo lesson.

We do encourage you if circumstances allow for you to attend GymbaROO with only the child that is enrolled, this gives you quality one to one time with that child.


The most important consideration is every child’s safety. This means that you are responsible for the safety of all the children in your care and they have to be WITH YOU AT ALL TIMES.

Please understand that the other people in the class have paid for this lesson and so we have a commitment to be available for their children and of course your child who is enrolled in this class .

  • At mat time the child not enrolled (or not enrolled in the class you are attending) needs to sit beside you or in the sibling area provided (only at Penrith). Bring a quiet activity for them and we will provide an area at the side of the mat area for them to play.
  • Children who are not enrolled (or not enrolled in the class you are attending) in the class are not allowed on the large equipment circuit under any circumstances.
  • Children are not allowed in the mat or equipment areas unattended. Older siblings cannot play in the equipment area whilst their younger siblings are doing their mat time.  GymbaROO is insured as parent/child education therefore an adult must be with a child at all times.
  • Children that are not enrolled will not be given small equipment, musical instruments etc. Small equipment, musical instruments etc are for the child enrolled in the class and will not be given to siblings to “keep them quiet”.  Siblings that are enrolled in their own class may get equipment if numbers allow.

If we are finding that your sibling is not happy following the guidelines and is disruptive we may have to ask that you do not bring the sibling along.