Gymbaroo Sydney West Testimonials


Annabelle loves all the activities that require bouncing around or upside down!! She giggles everytime.

Annabelle McMillan - Penrith

Each week learning something new which we know is going to beneficial in the long run is just priceless.

GymbaROO What can I say!! Its great we both love attending each week, it provides us with quality together time. Each week learning something new which we know is going to beneficial in the long run is just priceless.

GymbaROO at Campbelltown has been so much fun, it is great to see how my child is progressing nut how everyone else is doing also.

Our favourite part of GymbaROO is going home and showing daddy and those budding grandparents what we have learnt this week!

We LOVE GymbaROO - See you next term! Thank you Karen and Kim!!

April Williams - West Sydney


Chloe always looks forward to the next "GymbaROO" adventure. The stimulating and exciting challenges are a highlight of her week! As a parent, I appreciate theadd on value from the day to day learning....

GymbaROO offers my child great sensory-motor experiences which help develop both her brain and body.


Chloe - Penrith


The best thing about GymbaROO is that Eliza learns new things while having lots of fun. It's a fun filled educational program with specially designed equipment. Eliza loves going to GymbaROO she likes the play time (play area). She looks forward to it every week.

Eliza Siddiqui - Penrith

From teacher to Mum at GymbaROO,
I certainly have learnt a thing or two.
Mikaela is not the easiest child,
Buts she does confirm once in a while.

The music starts and them comes the bubbles,
They bring the kids to the rainbow without any trouble.
It's so much fun to start with a song,
Parents and children sing along.

My daughter's compliance is so unpredictable,
But with the teachers encouragement she soon shows she is capable.
Most of my time is usually well spent,
wondering if she will do what comes next.

The patience and skill of all of the staff,
Allows me some to sit back and laugh.
Watching Mikaela as she learns and grows,
Focusing on her through the highs and lows.

The most important skill that Mikaela has acquired,
is how to take turns without going wild.
I don't think she's quite got, "go to the end of the line"
but I'm sure that will come, given some time.

Hats off to everyone at GymbaROO,
Mikaela and I have learnt lots from you.

Jo and Mikaela O'Grady

GymbaROO - Sydney West


I love seeing Hunter smile and interact with all the other children in his group. It's great seeing him try and suceed at new skills on a weely basis.

Hunter loves the bead thread and all the other kids while we are in the waiting room.

Hunter - Penrith


Hunter and I have been attending GymbaROO since he was 10 weeks old. GymbaROO puts a smile on my face as I watch the new things Hunter is learning. it's amazing to see the amount of growth he has made in his life so far. Hunter's smil comes fro the fun he has while learning he gets excited every Friday on our way to GymbaROO. Hunter and I also love the quality one on one time we get to spend together, which is so valuable!!

Hunter Veitch - Penrith

After walking into the room my teacher brings around some bubbles, I smile and now started to laugh at them my mummy had to buy me some for home.

When I come to school I immediately scan the room for my best friend Kyah and Kai and we swap smiles to say Hello. We play lots of games together and I like to watch them and hold hands.

My Mummy and both smile becuase we get to spend time together and play new games, some of my favourite games are wash the dishes and treasure bag whre I get to track my favourite toys and flash cards. I smile when we play on the equipmehnt and especially like to practise crawling and rolling.

I love to listen to music so each day at home me and mummy spend time together playing and practicing all our new skills and games we learnt at school that week too GymbaROO's music CD this makes me very happy and I smile, and we get very excited when Daddy comes home from work and I show him all my new tricks. This makes Daddy smile and laugh.

I look forward to coming to GymbaROO each week and learning new things. Thank you to all the staff at GymbaROO Penrith for all you love and care. I started GymbaROO when I was 8 weeks old and am now 4 months. i didn't do a lots of then but now I can roll, lift my head and I am trying very hard to crawl. I hope this puts a smile on your face when you read it.

James Moon - Penrith

I (and Cooper) have greatly enjoyed our 1st term at GymbaROO. It is one only times of the week, we can play together without other distractions (like housework!).

We enjoy the singing and exercise and meeting other babies. I have gotten Cooper to do much more tummy time from the tips given to us from Kim and Karen. It also helps me fill in time at home between feeds with fun and games for both of us. Thank you

Kirrilee Cloak - West Sydney


The best thing about GymbaROO is that Eliza learns new things while having lots of fun. It's a fun filled educational program with specially designed equipment. Eliza loves going to GymbaROO she likes the play time (play area). She looks forward to it every week.

Lily Stoll - Penrith

I started Lennox (now 3 months) from when he was six weeks old at Gymbaroo after a friend recommended it. As a first time mum I was keen to start interacting with my bub in a productive way. Lennox's response after just the first lesson was very surprising. Monique gave me tips on how to play with Lennox at home with correct tummy time techniques and eye focus exercises with things I have around the house. It gave me heaps of confidence to handle my baby and play with him. It is the one time in the week we have guaranteed fun and smiles. Thanks guys. Looking forward to next term!

Lorina Fernandes-D'Arcy - Liverpool


Marcus likes the bubbles, climbing, music time, his friends and his teacher. Marcus looks forward to GymbaROO every week with Nanna.

Marcus Perkovic - Liverpool

We enjoy the consistency each class brings with the many activities, other children/mothers and teachers. Being familiar with those enables my child to gain more confidence and learning experiences. I most appreciate the heartfelt warmth our teachers/s have everytime we attend GymbaROO even when the children are unsettled! Their patience and ability to distract them to get them back on track in class is comforting to us. Encouraging my child to develop at her pace is rewarding and I have enjoyed every class with my daughter thus far!! Keep up the Good Work!

Mrs Cirillo - West Sydney

I have enjoyed seeing my son's strength and confidence grow. Education starts at home and I have found it a great privilege in taking part in this programme. Sean has gone from "I can't do this or I don't want to do this", to running to the rainbow looking forward to the challenges coming.

When I asked "What do you like about GymbaROO?" he replied "I don't like it, I love it".

I am asked 3 or 4 times a week "Can I go to GymbaROO today?".

Thanks girls keep up the good work.

Mrs Penny - West Sydney

Joshua has learnt to crawl correctly, thanks to the time and patience of the staff. It gives him great opportunity to explore different things and achieves things like climbing a ladder. The staff are helpful. The staff put a lot of effort into our classes and all the kids benefit from this. Joshua loves GymbaROO and we intend to continue our attendance

Rebecca Benton - West Sydney

Child's Name: Valentino (Started at 7 Months)

How has your child changed from their first GymbaROO Lesson?
At first he was a little shy but now he has gained a lot of confidence and is joining in all the activities.

What do you think your child loves most about GymbaROO?
Treasure Bag. As soon as the mat is brought out he there sitting and waiting for the weeks item in anticipation.

In your child's words, what do they love most about GymbaROO?
Treasure Bag and Playtime.

What do you think your child has gained most out of the GymbaROO Program?
He has learnt to concentrate at mat time and has become very responsive to directions.

What have you as a parent gained most out of the GymbaROO Program?
Bringing new ideas home and incorporating them into our everyday life. My 8 month old has now started and she is enjoying the experience.

Suzy Romanelli - Liverpool

Thank you for your enthusiasm and attention to making Patrick and every child feel special.

Thank you for the wonderful fun Patrick and I have shared together at GymbaROO this term. We were hoping it would give him greater opportunities to explore climbing and other challenging gross motor activities and it has given him this and so much more! Patrick loves the surprise of the treasure bag and the camaraderie of the parachute time.

Toni-Maree Costigan - West Sydney

Just a small note to say a HUGE thank you for all your help and support during our time at Penrith GymbaROO. Your knowledge and passion for what you do does not go unnoticed. Everyone there is so lovely and friendly. We are sad to be moving house and leaving your centre. Best Wishes for the future.

Sheree, Matt and Marlon -