Treasure Bag

Please Note: If possible as well as bringing along the treasure bag item wear the colour of the week.  Liverpool is the earlier week (eg if it is Week 2 Liverpool will be doing Week 1 Items).

The Sea

Week Day Start Toddler Baby
Week 1 21/12/2017 Shell Teddy shell teddy
Week 2 11/02/2018 Boat Glasses boat glasses
Week 3 18/02/2018 Turtle Dog turtle dog-3
Week 4 25/02/2018 Seagull Banana seagull banana
Week 5 04/03/2018 Crab Hat crab babies-hat
Week 6 11/03/2018 Octopus Book octopus book
Week 7 18/03/2018 Fish Pig fish pig
Week 8 25/03/2018 Seal Umbrella seal download (20)
Week 9 01/04/2018 Bucket/Spade Pear bucket and spade pear
Week 10 08/04/2018 Penguin Sheep penguin sheep