Level 9 – Flying Foxes (4.5 Years to 10 Years)

A class for children currently attending full time school.

A neurologically based movement program, like GymbarOO, can help ensure your child is ready for learning


Flying Fox Activities – Approved Creative/Active Kids Program

Classes include:

    • Dance
    • Music and Rhythm
    • reflex integration exercises
    • fine motor skills
    • cross pattern exercises for laterality
    • sensory motor program
    • aerobic fitness
    • perceptual motor program
    • balance and co-ordination
    • sequencing activities
    • parachute games
    • confidence building
    • Socialisation


Level 9  Flying Fox Classes suit children who are:

  • enjoying participating without parents
  • ready for challenging balance and motor tasks
  • following complex instructions
  • hopping
  • attending Pre-primary or full time school
  • born between 1/1/14 to 31/12/09
  • Development


Children who attend GymbaROO develop:

  • Listening skills and the ability to follow directions.
  • Positive self-esteem and confidence in a group situation.
  • Social skills e.g. turn taking, cooperation, ability to function as part of a group.
  • Self-help skills e.g. independence and recognition of belongings.
  • Strong hands and fingers (and backs and arms) ready for writing.
  • Visual and auditory processing skills ready for learning.
  • Awareness of pattern and rhythm ready for maths.
  • Well-developed balance, coordination and gross motor skills to help ensure your child’s brain and body is ready for learning.
  • A sense of fun.

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Automaticity of key motor skills
  • Excellent balance & coordination
  • Swings smoothly across the monkey bars
  • Works well with peers
  • Enjoys reading
  • Good visual & auditory memory
  • Starts to think creatively
  • Concentrates without tiring easily
  • Follows a complex pattern of taps or beats to music
  • Able to follow a sequence of 6-8 instructions
  • Is motivated and enjoys learning
  • Can filter distractions, prioritise tasks and achieve goals

If you have concerns about your child’s School Readiness contact our Jump into Learning Consultancy for further assistance.