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Level 2 Wombats (Mobile Babies)

GymbaROO BabyROO Sydney West NSW Wombats Mobile BabyROO Crawling and Creeping Babies Classes IllustrationNow that the baby is moving, the floor is their playground. At Mobile BabyROO we show you how to use the floor for your baby’s best advantage. It’s cheap and easy, but you need to make it a safe place for your baby to explore and roam freely! At Mobile BabyROO we provide you with loads of ideas about music, rhythm and movement; successful massage techniques for wrigglers and squirmers; movement ideas and games that have your baby in fits of laughter; and safe places for play.

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Milestones for Your Baby’s Development

For an infant, crawling on their front and creeping on all fours is very important for the development of the spine, the back and neck muscles and for the inhibition of the primitive reflexes and the development of the postural reflexes. It is also vital for all sensory input such as the tactility, for the muscles and ligaments, the primitive cross pattern actions to stimulate the later integration of the two sides of the brain, and for coordination.

By late in this year, infants can grasp and hold onto fingers and almost take their own weight by their hands, arms and shoulder muscles.

BabyROO, Mobile Babies, and Developmental ‘Hiccups’

At GymbaROO BabyROO we encourage parents not to sit their babies until they can do it by themselves. No infant should be sat up unsupported until they can seat themselves and the equilibrium (parachute) reflexes are, so that their arms go out to the side to balance them and protect their head if they topple over.

Sitting a baby too early also encourages ‘bottom shuffling’. Bottom shuffling is not in the natural order of development and we try to discourage it as an alternative movement pattern. This is because it is a pattern of movement that does not allow for inhibition of select primitive reflexes and the maturation of some of the important postural reflexes. While as an isolated developmental ‘hiccup’ is may not matter in the long term, in combination with other developmental ‘hiccups’ it may have repercussions on later higher thinking and learning skills at school. At GymbaROO we know it is better to avoid potential problems if possible, so we encourage crawling and creeping in the first year of life.

Mobile Babies – From Crawling To Walking

Your creeping baby will also pull themselves up to stand. They are not yet ready to walk and should not be encouraged to as they need to develop strength and balance. They will cruise around the walls and furniture walking sideways, then finally turn putting one hand on the coffee table and the other on the couch and start to move forward. They need lots of practice at side-ways movement, just like they tummy crawled before they crept on hand and knees. This stage often lasts for many weeks as it takes a lot of practice over time to develop the strength necessary for upright control of the body and the development of balance.

Don’t be in a hurry for your child to walk. Let their body and brain tell you when they are ready! There is no hurry to walk… they will walk for the next 80 years! The foundational patterns that prepare your baby for walking are important to get into place first!

Baby Development

Babies will move to Walkers to 18 Months Classes as the next stage of their development.