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Level 1 Platypus (Non-Mobile Babies)

GymbaROO BabyROO Sydney West NSW Goannas BabyROO Non-Mobile Babies 5 Months to Tummy Crawling Classes IllustrationAt non-mobile BabyROO we continue to encourage loads of tummy time, massage and movement. We help parents understand why these activities are important for development and later learning and we show you how you can provide your baby with the most conducive and fun environment for movement and learning.

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Baby Play Activities for Non-Mobile Babies

From approximately four months, babies are more alert and able to raise their heads and push their chest up off the floor with hands and arms extended. Pivoting to grasp a toy precedes the tummy crawling.

Babies should be able to roll over from front to back and (usually) back to front.

Pull ups to sitting position can be completed when baby’s hands are grasped by the parent, there should be no head lag and co-contraction should be seen in the elbows.

Nature’s Plan for a Healthy Baby Brain

Babies are more purposeful in their arm movements and some are moving their feet to their mouth. They now respond to, and love, more vigorous vestibular stimulation movements. Some babies are pushing themselves backwards when they push up on their hands, and others are beginning to spin around in circles on the spot.

You may see lots of head shaking and rocking forward and backwards when baby is on hands and knees. This position occurs as a result of an automatic reflex – the symmetrical tonic neck reflex – which, when the head is back causes the arms to straighten and the knees to bend, and when the head is forwards the opposite occurs.

Nature is superb. We must take care not to ignore nature’s plan to insure our infants grow healthy brains, which of course affects both social and intellectual abilities. At GymbaROO BabyROO we show you how!

Baby Development

Babies will move to Mobile Babies Classes when they are:

  • approx 7 – 9 months
  • moving forward on their tummy
  • commando crawling
  • rocking when on hands and knees