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Level 8 Emus (School Readiness)

GymbaROO BabyROO Sydney West NSW Emus 4 Years to School Age School Readiness Childrens Classes IllustrationFor children to learn easily at school, they must have automatic movement skills. They must be able to use one part of their body independently from other parts, be able to cross over the midline of the body, and be able to sit still when required to do so. Children who have difficulties with these motor skills will have more difficulty with reading, writing and general classroom coping skills. A quality pre-school program is essential, but a neurologically based movement program, like GymbaROO, can help ensure your child is ready for learning.

Enrol in the School Readiness Class

Team Work, Hand-Eye Co-ordination, and Laterality for the Best Start to School Learning

  • Age specific exercises that focus on laterality, cross pattern work and independent function of individual body parts i.e. right hand/left foot
  • Activities using small equipment that refine hand-eye coordination skills e.g. hoops, balls, bean bags. At GymbaROO we use Perceptual Motor Program games that are fun and specifically target the maturation of areas of the brain that help make learning at school easier.
  • Group games and relays that encourage team work
  • Language and pre-reading activities that promote literacy skills in readiness for reading at school including specific word and phrase visualisation, and auditory stimulation activities
  • Music, dance and singing
  • Parachute games
  • Very specific climbing, balancing, crawling, jumping, swinging and hanging, skill work on our specialised gym equipment that fine-tunes co-ordination, concentration, and motor skills
  • Individual activities designed specifically for children to help them to be ‘School Ready’

GymbaROO: Child Development Classes for School Readiness

Children who attend GymbaROO develop:

  • Listening skills and the ability to follow directions
  • Positive self-esteem and confidence in a group situation
  • Social skills e.g. turn taking, cooperation, ability to function as part of a group
  • Self-help skills e.g. independence and recognition of belongings
  • Strong hands and fingers (and backs and arms) ready for writing
  • Visual and language skills ready for reading
  • Awareness of pattern and rhythm ready for maths
  • Well-developed balance, coordination and gross motor skills to help ensure your child’s brain and body is ready for learning
  • A sense of fun

The aim of the GymbaROO 4 – 5 year old Emu session is to ensure that children have or are developing all areas required for successful learning at school. It is a very important year for school readiness.