Our Instructors

Kim Hall


Kim along with Kaylene purchased the Penrith GymbaROO franchise in 2004 and they have gone onto open Campbelltown 2005, Liverpool 2006, & Mounties 2010. Kim has an administrative background.

Her knowledge of the GymbaROO program is extensive and she has continued to educate herself with the programs. She has completed GymbaROO teacher training, infant reflexes part 1 and 2, sensory integration part 1 and 2, brain development part 1 and 2 moving to learn part 1 and 2, the neo cortex and bi lateral integration for 3-5 year olds.

Kim is a sports coach and has been actively in sports coaching of young peoples perceptual motor skills for over 20 years. Kim is married with 3 children and has been participating in GymbaROO classes as a parent for over 16 years!!! Purchasing GymbaROO has changed my life dramatically, I enjoy every part of my day. Seeing smiling faces come in the door, children mastering vital skills needed for learning and the mum just enjoying a special time with their children”.